Industries We Serve

Industrial Liquid and Gas Industries

PEP supplies filter vessels and replacement components for filtration of compressed gas in any volume or pressure required. Code and non-code housings and a wide variety of filter elements for solids, liquids and coalescing are available.
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Water Treatment and Process Liquids

Liquid filtration requirements come in all different shapes and sizes, with that said your filtration equipment will be required to do the same. Your filter needs may be for water, handling fluids, concentrate solutions or for recovery of valuable by-products.
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We are Experienced Filtration Solution Specialists

PEP started operations in 1999 staffed by individuals with vast experience in filtration. We provide key filtration solutions for both gas and liquid applications with expertise in natural gas, high purity water and industrial applications as diverse as aviation, refineries, food & beverage, power generation, medical & pharmaceutical.

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