PEP supplies filter vessels and replacement components for filtration of compressed gas in any volume, type or pressure required. We supply customers with code and non-code housings which can be fabricated from many different types of materials and a wide variety of filter elements for solids, liquids and coalescing.

Water Treatment and Process Liquids

Liquid filtration solutions are available to suit numerous different applications. Our clients typically need solutions for water, chemicals, handling fluids, concentrate solutions or for recovery of valuable by-products.

We Are Experienced Filtration Solution Specialists

PEP began operations in 1999, to provide key filtration solutions for industrial and commercial applications. We have extensive expertise in natural gas, high purity water and industrial applications and work with industries as diverse as gas utilities, chemical plants, refineries, food & beverage, power generation, medical & pharmaceutical.

Gas Filtration

Because of the diverse needs of our customers, we supply components for filtration of compressed gases in any volume or pressure required. Because of the complex nature of our client’s needs we have sought out industry leaders to partner with.  Parker/PECO is one such vendor. PEP has an exclusive partnership with Parker/PECO to provide customers with high-quality filters and filter components.

Many sizes and configurations are held in stock in the PEP warehouse and other sizes can be specially ordered and custom built. Please contact a PEP representative for more information.

Gas Separation

PEP provides customers with engineered solutions for a range of gas separation applications. PEP is a Canadian distributor of custom-built mesh mist eliminators, vane packs  and cyclo-tube separators, slug catchers and scrubbers, trays, structured and random packings and tower internals.

PEP project manages the special order process keeping in frequent contact with the manufacturer on the order status and will arrange shipment of the order from production sites to PEP for a quality inspection and project tagging before being delivered to the customer.

Gas Coalescing

PEP is a provider of gas coalescing equipment for oil, gas & chemical companies within Canada. A number of options are available to our customers, including various sizes, capacities, levels of efficiency and types of filtration media, in either single or multi-stage coalescers.

All coalescing products are built by Parker/PECO to an unrivalled standard of quality and are available to PEP’s customers at highly competitive pricing.