Products supported include Mokveld valves; suitable for high pressure and high flow applications where long term trouble free service is required.

For gas analyzers we are proud to represent E&H SpectraSensors, manufacturers of state of the art, high accuracy/low maintenance analyzers and sample conditioning systems.

Gas Analyzers

PEP supplies the oil & gas industry with cutting-edge TDL [Tuneable Diode Laser] technology. Analyzers can be supplied with or without integrated sample conditioning systems.  SpectraSensors line of analyzers measure moisture, hydrogen sulphide, carbon dioxide, oxygen and numerous other anolytes with extreme accuracy and minimal maintenance.

High Performance Valves

PEP represents Mokveld Valves who manufacture large diameter high-pressure valves for severe service and other applications or use in demanding oil, gas and water applications.  Mokveld valves are known world-wide for their reliability and high performance.  Mokveld products utilize the axial flow design which provides for the lowest differential pressure (dp) and highest flowrates.   This design is pressure balanced and seals bubble tight.  Valves are certified under ISO 9001 and built to numerous international and client standards in many materials.

Typical applications for Mokveld include control valves, compressor recycle, non-slam check valves, shut-off and HIPPs  (High Integrity Pressure Protection) valves.